Mario and Freddy Visit Vilas (1)

Mario and Freddy Visit Vilas
Posted on 02/17/2015
Mario and Freddy

Our Vilas Cowboys and Cowgirls got to experience how Mario and Freddy teach hygiene to elementary children across El Paso. The multi purpose facility was filled with laughter and giggles thanks to Mario and the various props that he uses to amuse kids of all ages.

Mario's top ten tips:
1.  Eat nutritional meals and snacks.
2.  Exercise for 30 minutes a day.
3.  Don't use drugs, tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.
4.  Drink plenty of water.
5.  Get plenty of rest.
6.  Keep hot foods hot/cold foods cold.
7.  Cover your cough/sneezes
8.  Stay current with your vaccines.
9.  Wash your hands.
10.Get annual check-ups.