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Gloria Guerrero

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Gloria Guerrero




My name is Gloria Guerrero and I am happy to be your child’s classroom teacher this year. I am certified PK- 4 Early Childhood, and Bilingual. Over the past thirteen years I have either interned or taught every level in Early Childhood education (excluding pre-kindergarten), including five years in fourth grade, one year in third, five years in second grade, one year in kinder, and a one year internship in kinder and first grade.

I believe over time I have been able to use my teaching experience combined with my own educational experiences growing up, to create an inviting classroom where children not only are encouraged to learn but feel safe in doing so. There are no invaluable questions, there are no invaluable mistakes made - everything can be learned from. I also believe the children do not just learn from a teacher, but from each other, so I have lots of group activities in my class. Cooperative learning is a must, as well of course as structure and routine.

As always I would be happy to go more in depth with you regarding my teaching practices, and I look forward to meeting with you throughout the year regarding your child's progress. The parent-teacher relationship is a crucial one when it comes to your child’s success.

Thank you.